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At Applyboat we want to be the best option in quality, service and price, for those customers who want to customize, decorate, renovate or preserve their boat.

For this reason, we offer you the most powerful network of specialized staff in Boatwrapping in Spain.

We are a team with wide experience and years of dedication in the field of visual communication, being awarded with the most prestigious prizes in our field.

Closely related to the multinational Mactac
a leading manufacturer of vinyl in the market, we take part in the testing and evolution of new products for the Boatwrapping market.

Our permanent exchange of information with the main international Nautic Partners, keeps us on the cutting edge as far as materials and application techniques are concerned.

The sum of these factors guarantees our clients that all work done by any Applyboat Point will meet the standards of quality of the materials, preparation, application and final finish.

All Applyboat Points fulfill strict workflow, from the initial contact with the customer to the last finishing details.