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The first antifouling silicone film without biocide. Sail responsibly.

An innovative and non-polluting alternative, compared to current fouling treatments. Thanks to it repelling properties (patent pending), the adhesive film MacGlide protects your hull from colonization by marine organisms without spreading biocides or pesticides which contaminate the water. MacGlide preserves marine life and indirectly, human health.


1 Preparation of the hull

Preparation of the hull

In a new boat, the hull has to be degreased using isopropyl alcohol (MACcleaner).

In case of a boat already coated with antifouling paints, all old coats have to be removes in order to apply MacGlide directly on the gel coat.

2 Application of MacGlide film

Application of MacGlide film

The MacGlide adhesive coating is applied in transverse strips without leaving overlaps zones.

3 Sealing of the edges

Sealing of the edges

The adhesive strips are then sealed using Macglide Primer and MacGlide Top Coat.



Ecological: Preserves the marine environment and human health

The product is not erodible in water and contains no biocide. It is also not hazardous to the professional who applies it.

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance

A simple sponge and a soft brush allow any stains to be removed.



The fouling comes off by itself when the boat sails often and at a speed of 7-8 knots.

Effective in all European waters

Effective in all European waters

MacGlide has been tested throughout Europe, and in all types of boats.

Greater durability

Greater durability

Up to five years compared to six to eight months for existing, toxic antifouling agents on the market.

Reduced friction

Reduced friction

Providing a fuel saving estimated to be 5 to 6%.

Reduction of the risk of osmosis

Reduction of the risk of osmosis

The film is waterproof. This gives unmatched below the waterline protection of a gel coat. A gelcoat covered with MacGlide will contain less humidity (water) than a gelcoat covered with an anti fouling paint (therefore, less risk of osmosis).

Only available in official appliers

Only available in official appliers.